What we do

What We Do


A giant conglomerate cannot stand still, rely on one source, a single market, one product, only one client, single currency, a certain country or sector. Although diversification has its risks we still aim to work on the ground level. 

Commodities - Our main Gold mine is located 28 km from Kalemie in DRC (Lukengwe) producing up to 1kg of gold every 2 days. With the DRC having over $24 Trillion of mining minerals we have not even touched the surface. We employ local people by providing a wage, clean water and food and medication as well as strong health and safety standards.

The other commodities that we focus on are: Cobalt, iron ore, ruby, diamonds, blue sapphire, emeralds, coal, platinum, gas, sugar, wheat, rice, barley, cotton, crude oil, aluminium, titanium, silver, salt, tea, coffee, soya, palm oil, palladium, cocoa, steel, raw plastics, rubber, zinc and earth soils. We trade as well as mine!

Is your business struggling ? we offer solutions through practical analysis. we can offer a buyout or invest further as your global partner. We own hundreds of private holdings that we cannot list on our website so please be in touch to know more. We also offer management buyouts at corporate level.

Argala buys many distressed assets such as hotels, we own hotels in Chandigarh, India as well as in some African nations. Therefore real estate, land, art collection and building homes for the local community is what we do best.

The more lucrative aspect is having a stake in a private bank that holds a vault for Gold Bullion storage, fund management, Plc share stakes. Argala also is the sole owner of 2 TV stations across Europe on the Sky platform, a website holding company that focuses on new technology and inventions. Other areas we wish to focus on are chemicals, pharmaceutical products, fashion and telecommunications.

And last but not least our main focus will always be our dedication to the Argala Group NGO for helping the masses. Please visit the section Philanthropy.

Avtar Singh Dhillon
CEO of Argala Group