Connecting Inernational Markets

Through its network of highly esteemed relations, the Argala Group delivers a multitude of services and products throughout over 180 countries in the world.

Argala has a vision to combine business success with a positive global impact reaching and changing millions of lives, and with combined annual turnover sales exceeding US $9 billion. Argala proudly redirects much of its profits back into humanitarian projects that actually do work. This is by creating jobs, welfare and a community with ethical values rather than just donating to registered charities. Argala aims to diminish world poverty from practical analysis and change from the ground upwards.

The groups investment and activity portfolio is vastly diverse and consists of many subsidiary companies spanning a range of sectors including Gold mining, oil, gas, construction, community housing, real estate, technology, education and finance.

The Argala Group of companies, its associates and employees and last but not least its CLIENTS brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, relationships and dynamism to ensure any challenge it undertakes is met with comprehensive positive outcomes.

Please feel free to make contact with us or maybe you would like to arrange a meeting with us at any one of our office/trading locations across the globe. you may wish to co ordinate a consultation with our group chairman or perhaps one of its 312 directors. We can be reached in the following destinations within ease: Hatton Garden (UK), Jaipur, New Delhi, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Dubai, Bangkok, Mumbai, South Africa, Accra in Ghana, Idar Oberstein and anywhere in the UK and the DRC.